A Neighborhood Legacy
Since 1949 George and Gladys Stanich have generously contributed to their local community as a means of saying "thanks" and giving back to the city they loved. Many local schools and their students have experienced this generosity in the form of support for both academics and athletics. From providing tutors for students, to providing school books, to providing athletic equipment and providing support for local improvement projects, George and Gladys have left their Portland neighborhood a better place than they found it.
  George Stanich was often called the "Philosopher of Fremont Street". George’s philosophy towards advertising was very simple – "Word of Mouth". George and Gladys strongly believed the best way for a community restaurant to become a positive member of the community was to take its advertising budget and contribute it back to the community. If you happen to be watching a baseball game at the Wilshire Little League field at Beaumont Middle School you will see the sign dedicating the field to its benefactors – George and Gladys.


4915 Northeast Fremont Street

Portland, OR 97213


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The Stanich family proudly continues to follow in the footsteps of Gladys and George by continuing to reach out daily to the local community. Stanich’s supports local students through scholarships, student trips abroad, and numerous local projects through donations. If you ever wonder what makes the city of Portland and surrounding communities so special, simply take a look at the legacy of George and Gladys. If George and Gladys were alive today they would encourage all of us to "give back" or "pay it forward" and therefore start your own legacy. Simply try to give more than you receive, actions do speak louder than words. Thank you for your tremendously loyal support since 1949 - The Stanich Family

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